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Xperiences Guide to Track Days and Driving Experiences – Part 1

Xperiences Guide to Track Days and Driving Experiences – Part 1

If you want to give your favourite car fanatic the ultimate driving experience or track day then this guide to high octane motorsport gifts is essential reading. It aims to give you the lowdown on the wide range of adrenaline-fuelled driving experiences available, featuring everything from Ferraris to Formula 1 racers. Experience the mind-blowing power and acceleration of the world’s greatest sports cars and make dreams come true.

Supercar Driving. The Lamborghini is all about stunning looks and the association with the uber rich, not forgetting its awesome power and super fast acceleration speeds! You can be driving the Gallardo; the first car to feature the new Lamborghini V10 5L engine with a top speed of nearly 200 mph! Supercar driving days feature the ultimate in high performance mean machines from world renowned marques including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus Elise, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and more. Get behind the wheel of your dream car on one of the many supercar driving experiences and feel the engine roar as you put your foot to the floor.

Track Days. Take the ride of your life with these superb fast driving experiences! These aren’t about driving – their about screaming with excitement as a professional racing instructor takes you round one of the UK’s racing circuits at break-neck speed in a track prepared performance car. Get the rush and exhilaration of circuit driving, while someone else does all the work!

Stock Car Racing. This is your chance to race the ultimate Big Boys Dodgem cars! Real motor racing in fantastic Saloon Stockcars with commentators, race marshals, pace cars and trophies all adding to the atmosphere. This is a real motor sport in race-prepared cars, with at most venues at least two heats and a Championship Final guaranteed.

Quad Biking. Quad biking is some of the best, messiest fun you can have in the countryside. After a thorough safety briefing you’ll normally get kitted out in protective clothing and be introduced to your quad. To start off with you’ll be driving on level ground round a marked circuit while you get a feel for the quad. As you gain experience – and bottle – you’ll be able to shift up a gear and soon you’ll be power sliding round the turns like you were born on the bike.

Off Road Driving. Wheels churning and axles grinding, learn the skills of observation, planning and manoeuvring as you tackle side slopes, steep inclines and rutted tracks of amazingly challenging terrain. These off road courses are both fun and serious skills acquisition all rolled into one. Your instructor will soon have you driving off-road like an expert, and you’ll certainly regard 4WD vehicles with new respect in future.

Monster Trucks. Ever imagined you were actually at the steering wheel of your toy truck as you pushed it around a make-believe course on your lounge floor as a kid? Well now you really can take to the wheel! These experiences give you the opportunity to drive a multitude of different big toys. Steering thiese massive trucks on a mission of destruction is a pure adrenaline rush.

Single Seater Racing. Get ready to hit the track a multitude of motor racing experiences for some serious fun in a mind-blowing motor racing car. Strapped securely in your car, helmet and mirrors adjusted, you accelerate onto the track to put your new skills to the test. These motor racing days provides a sense of speed and sheer exhilaration that challenges your concentration as you try to remember the advice of your instructor during training. Eventually the flag brings you back to the pits, but the grin stays with you much longer.