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Three Top Reasons You Should Buy a Porsche

Three Top Reasons You Should Buy a Porsche

You are a middle management executive at the age of 45. You have a decent enough house, your well raised children will soon be going to university and you do your very best day in and day out to make ends meet and live a happy lifestyle.

You go on holiday once a year, laugh at all of your bosses less than funny jokes and come across as incredibly confident to anybody who meets you. In Lehman’s terms you are what nobody would call a loser, and people around you always take you seriously and listen to what you have to say.

Despite all of the above however you still drive that Fiat Punto you bought 8 years ago whilst all of your friends burn it home down the motorway in powerful bi-turbo saloons leaving a cloud of smoke in their wake.

Whilst you have kept up in career progression and perhaps even beaten them in the board room then, they are leaving you behind in everyday reality.

If this sounds like you, even though it is a fictional story, you are one of the five top reasons to buy a Porsche. If in doubt, though, find below three back to reality and practical reasons to buy a Porsche because you never know when that need for speed will take hold.


Porsche cars can be incredibly good fun in a variety of different circumstances. Set up to handle like racing cars and power ahead with instantaneous throttle response, Porsche’s are a fine bridge between owning a supercar and owning a car which is comfortable enough for daily use.

Bombing down a country road in 4th and enjoying the twisties one day and slapping your car in 6th at 70Mph and commuting the next. Doesn’t that sound a treat?


The motorway is an incredible thing. To the untrained eye, the motorway is a road designed to cut the time of a commute down significantly and allow not just consumer vehicles but commercial vehicles to go about their duties in quick time. To the trained eye, however, there is a pecking order within the motorway system and buying a Porsche will put you right at the top.

There are a few reasons a Porsche will put you at the top of the pecking order on a motorway and give you status. The first reason is that 99% of saloons to be found in the fast lane are diesel powered emission junkies, saving fuel and the planet in toe. If you drive a Porsche, you are instantly showing that not only can you afford to burn fuel at the rate of a possible 25MPG, but you are also successful in the management of your lifestyle.


If you buy a Porsche (whether it be a Boxster, Cayman, 911, Panamera or Cayenne) you can be safe in the knowledge that your car will hold its value for at least 3 years, providing the mileage does not exceed silly amounts. Porsche’s are always in high demand second hand and dealers will often offer you a good price just so that they can have your car in their forecourt.