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The Latest 2011 Bluetooth Headset

The Latest 2011 Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetooth comes from the King Harald Bluetooth who unifies the Denmark and Norway. It’s the short-distance wireless transmitting interface developed by Ericsson. It established the Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Internet Group) with IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba. The bluetooth technology features with astatism, the transmitting of the audio and information and simultaneous connection with the device.

What’s the bluetooth headset? It’s to apply the bluetooth technology to the handfree headphone. It can free the user from the annoying cable. And the user can make the call enjoyablely. The bluetooth headphone is an efficient tool for the moving business group. The Bluetooth stereo headset with keypad introduced below is a special bluetooth gadget.

The Bluetooth makes the unwiring possible. The large mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola and SonyEricsson launch the various bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth is a kind of short-distance wireless communication regulation of the low cost and large capacity. The bluetooth notebook is the notebook with the bluetooth communication function.

There is a legend of the bluetooth. In the 10th century, the princes in the Northern European strived for the supremacy. The Denmark King came forward and held down the war. And all parties come to the negotiation table. The princes became friends through the communication. Because the King likes the blueberry, he came to have the blue teeth. People called him Bluetooth King. Then the bluetooth becomes the byword of the communication. A thousand year later, when the new wireless communication regulation comes out, people also name it bluetooth.

In 1995, the Ericsson Company proposed the bluetooth concept for the first time. The bluetooth regulation works with the microwave frequency band. The transmitting speed is 1M/s. The longest transmitting distance is 10 meters. It can be increased to 100 meters by increasing the transmitting power. The bluetooth technology is opened to the whole world. It has nice compatibility in the whole world. The whole world can be connected through the low cost invisible bluetooth network.

The bluetooth technology can be used in computer, mobile phone, digital camera, camcorder, printer, fax and other home electronics. With the widespreading of the bluetooth technology, we needn’t worry about the wiring of the electronics. We needn’t to be upset about a large number of remote control. A mobile phone and a car key can do everything.

The Bluetooth stereo headset with keypad is just a new convenient bluetooth. The white color headset looks very suitable. It’s the 128*64 OLED display. The caller’s telephone number and caller ID will be displayed. And there is the phonebook synchronization function. The built-in DSP technology brings you the Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction effect. You will enjoy the comfortable and clear voice with the small gadget. You can directly make a call from the keyboard. How convenient it is for you!

It’s not all about it. You can make a call easily from the phonebook contacts. Just like a mobile phone, it can support the first letter searching contacts. You can find the people you want to call easily and quickly. With the headset, you will enjoy the great convenience to make or answer a call.