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The Interchangeability of Ford 4-Speed Shifters From 1962 to 1973

The Interchangeability of Ford 4-Speed Shifters From 1962 to 1973

There is no this sort of thing as a Ford Mustang, Fairlane, Galaxie 4-pace shifter. although, the change handles will interchange for the most part, they will only be right for their designated software. There are over 30 person handles employed all through the interval. All Handles with a reverse lock out up to January 2, 1968 had a 1′ 7/8 bolt spacing after that their was a 2 “bolt…Saddles can be altered to accommodate switching handles all around from a person design or year to a further.

Exceptions to the interchangeability rule contain the Galaxie Major Loader linkage from 1964-65 it will also match the Fairlane and Tiger best loader for the identical year, also the T10 Galaxie linkage will also suit a T10 Fairlane transmissions. This is the case even while the Fairlane transmission is 2″ shorter.

In 1969 Ford changed the 4-speed shifters to reduce the cable lock out. The lock out function was created into the shifter manage system alone. This aspect was a brittle stamped metal piece, It generally broke at about 65, 000 miles based on use also the primary spring had the same breakage challenge. While the manage mechanisms have been fundamentally the exact same among Mustang, Torino and Galaxie the linkages ended up unique and the shift handles have been various. Only the Mustang Large Block use an adapter plate and this unit was use only for one particular yr.

Ford went to the Hurst shifter in 1970 and was use by Mustang/Cougar and Torino/Cyclone only, even nevertheless the 1970 adapter plate. experienced a Significant Ford part variety they by no means set a 4 pace in a Galaxie. that plate was employed for Torino/Cyclone only and for the Mustang three various adapter plates were employed they ended up the Major Block, Modest Block and Boss 429. The Hurst Handles in 1970-71 were flat and 1972-73 have been round both experienced Hurst emboss on them and in every situation the Torino/Cyclone handles ended up for a longer period than the Mustang, but the spherical handles in1972-1973 ended up only marginally more time.

The housing in 1970 Hurst shifter management system have been cad plated and in 1971-1973 had been black oxide. 1972-73 Torino/Cyclone regulate mechanisms were being distinctive then the 1970-71 and applied a stamped metal adapter plate and their were being no component figures on the plate.

In conclusion when it will come to Ford 4-speed shifters you can never ever say by no means and you can by no means say constantly, their is on these factor as a blend shifter for the duration of that era. If you are restoring a single of these models and need to have shifters elements be informed of these discrepancies it can save you time and money. Know your supply and where you get your Ford 4-velocity shifter areas so your undertaking goes efficiently.