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Review of the World Class Driving Festival Part II

Review of the World Class Driving Festival Part II

The reason I am writing “part two” to this story is due to the overwhelming questions and responses I received when I began showing off the photos of our trip. People I didn’t even think cared about cars have been coming over to my desk to ask questions about what this was all about.

My husband was walking our daughter to school and a convertible Porsche caught their eye at the school crossing. The crossing guard exclaimed at how great it looked. My husband quickly jumped in to tell her about our great vacation, where we were able to drive great cars like that, and how this would be a great vacation for her to enjoy with her husband. And our daughter chimed in shouting, “Yea, and they have pictures too!”

We have some great memories of the event documented by photos, but also images ingrained in our minds, reminding us about the fabulous fun we had. World Class Driving is a company that allows a mere individual the opportunity to drive amazing exotic cars, and not just around the block. At our event, we were grouped with 3 supercars – we’d drive 20-30 minutes and then hop out and trade cars.

Following is the second round of cars that we were so happy to drive.

First, the Bentley Continental GTC, valued of $195,000 dollars. This is the car that I wanted to drive all along. It was a baby blue convertible, a comfortable cruiser, this 550 hp twin turbo could easily keep up with all the other cars. I was just riding in supreme comfort and exceptional quality, with speeds up and over 100 mph. I’m still smiling visualizing it.

Next, I drove the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, valued at $460,000 dollars. I drove this car with a World Class Driving instructor in the car coaching me. The horse power of this car was unbelievable. The instructor wanted me to floor it so that I could feel the turbo charger kick in. Yikes — handling of this car was really indescribable. It did not let me down. “WOW!”

As I drove the Benz McLaren, my husband was driving the Aston Martin DB9, worth $155,000. This was the car James Bond 007 drove in many movies that had watched on the big screen and now he got to drive it. Whee — as he puts it, this was a childhood dream come true.

How about this one? Driving the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, with a price tag of $470,000, I did have to admit that it was one of my personal favorites. It drove and handled wonderfully. Can anyone say Magnum PI? This is what I was thinking from behind the wheel.

For my driving finale, I drove the Bentley convertible again. I just couldn’t resist. I did have to trade someone for it so I did give up the Spyker C8 Spyder. It still made me very happy.

West Baden Springs Hotel was the elegant host hotel for the first World Class Driving Festival in Indiana. Their amazing Atrium was the perfect environment for some of most enticing cars in the world. And to their credit, the accommodations there were nothing short of spectacular.

If your fantasy is driving a Lamborghini Murcielago, Mercedes Benz McLaren, or Ford GT, you must treat yourself to this affordable fantasy and adult adventure vacation before you leave this earth.

Come to my website and listen to the interview and see when this great opportunity will be in your neck of the woods.