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Precision Market Timing – By The Numbers!

Precision Market Timing – By The Numbers!

In the up coming 10 minutes, I’m likely to reveal to you what took me about thirty decades of intense eyeball-to-chart investigate to find! The highway has been prolonged and often bumpy with a good deal of surprising twists and turns alongside the way. And, guess what…it has not ended still! The a lot more I discover, the additional I recognize there is certainly more to study. So, fasten your seatbelt and experience the exhilaration I felt on this road of discovery…it truly is definitely been a trip to remember!

Let’s start off at the commencing. I built my initial commodity trade in 1968 although a pupil at the University of Montana functioning to a Master’s Diploma in Business Finance and Investments. I was fascinated by the leverage you could get on your investment capital by putting up a somewhat small margin rate in order to regulate a a lot greater amount of some commodity…leaving open the possible for significant gains…and by making use of stops supposedly minimal hazard. And, because I was a dollars-strapped university student with a “somewhat” tiny total to commit, this seriously appealed to me.

So, a single unforgettable Tuesday afternoon, I skipped fitness center course and hiked downtown to open my to start with commodity trading account. I was nervous as a cat…but, I understood it was some thing I just had to do. The broker was being familiar with and following about an hour of filling out varieties and waiting around for an Okay from headquarters, I plunked my money down and started what I imagined would be an illustrative career as a “expert” commodity trader. I just could not wait around to get commenced!

Early the following early morning, I was chomping at the bit and resolved to start out off by buying and selling corn futures. Then above the upcoming two months, the worst detail that could occur to a beginning trader transpired to me…I had 3 large profitable trades in a row! I was confident I was the King Kong of investing…and frankly couldn’t figure out why every person instructed me buying and selling was so really hard to be effective at. Then, as you have possibly guessed…the fourth trade murdered me. I misplaced every little thing I experienced by now built in addition $200 additional than I even had in my account! So significantly for the supposedly constrained threat. You can guess the place the e book fund for that quarter went! My trading “job” appeared about about as quickly as air rushing out of a balloon.

I went away from that encounter licking my wounds, but definitely certain there was an fundamental and identifiable pattern or rhythm in the marketplaces. I could feeling it. I knew it was there…but, I had no idea what it was. I wrestled with issues of how these kinds of a factor could exist. Or more to the stage, considering that I noticed proof of it can be genuine existence…how could I confirm it existed? Even however initially I even questioned my personal perceptions, I just knew in my bones it was there! I was determined to do whichever it took to recognize it, decide on it aside and finally obtain out precisely what produced it tick.

It was then I realized that if you could find any kind of common or dependable pattern in industry actions…you would have the essential to prosperous trading! Why? Simply because you then could trade in sync with the timing patterns managing sector movement. This was surely a target really worth devoting a lifetime of study to…and, as it turns out…I have!

I started my search by going to the source…the markets themselves! I studied charts from just about every marketplace I could get my arms on…some produced from knowledge going back again to the start out of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1848! I knew that if there was a sample that recurring itself in the marketplaces, I could discover it…supplied more than enough time, effort and stacks of charts to glance at.

Following evening right after night of painstaking analyze, a little bit of inspiration arrived from someplace and I came to the summary that by merely applying every day futures charts…exactly where each individual vertical bar represents a single trading working day, I could perhaps detect tradable styles by identifying reversal points in normal ongoing markets…especially, reversals that tended to arise on the exact variety counts about and around all over again when counting forward in time from any major substantial or minimal stage…in the past.

It was about this time that a fellow trader similar to me that W. D. Gann, the environment famed industry timer, was purported to have claimed “if you want to know how to time the marketplaces…read the Bible three instances!”

I experienced commonly examined the writings of Gann and was frankly never able to get significantly out of his cryptic and obscure ramblings other than to notice his aim on time as opposed to rate sample analysis. Even so, this received me to considering…is it attainable that particular number counts where reversal electricity is demonstrably uncovered…critical time details I had currently identified in my relentless search as a result of endless chart examples…is it feasible as some sort of confirming unit that these similar quantities are numbers prominently pointed out in the sacred texts?

Considering that it was my personalized to regularly study in the Bible, I made a decision to hold a notebook handy to jot down specific figures stated in the Bible as I came throughout them. I experienced no true expectations one particular way or the other, but I was on the lookout ahead to comparing the figures my personal analysis was turning up with the numbers prominently mentioned in the Bible.

So what did I uncover? Essentially, a head scratching puzzle. What I noticed appropriate absent right after amassing months of references was that there have been an wonderful range of in close proximity to misses…quantities from the Bible that ended up in most cases off by just 1 amount rely from the numbers I experienced by now recognized via research.

This was not the only thing that bothered me. I’d been in a quandary for yrs more than a quotation from Jesus uncovered in Luke 24:46 which said “Thus it is created, and so it behooved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the useless the third day.”

With my persistent state of mind, I just couldn’t see how Sunday was the 3rd working day. It seemed to me that if Christ was crucified on Friday, then Saturday…Sunday… and then Monday really should be the third working day. It had been a extended operating and seemingly irreconcilable problem in my thoughts.

Then out of the blue it struck me. To make the biblical get function, you would have to rely Friday as day number a single! Why this had been so difficult for me to see was I suppose understandable. Counting that way was just not how we ended up taught to count considering the fact that grade university. However, this was a vital breakthrough…since I had now learned how God counts!

The up coming move was obvious…use the recently acquired counting system on the charts I was studying and see how the range counts when compared with what I was performing prior to. I picked up one of my trusty aged charts and started counting times ahead from an essential significant level reversal day on the chart.

Instantly, it jumped off the web page at me. By modifying the amount count of every newly learned reversal electrical power variety…by just a single working day to mirror the new counting approach, the correlation concerning Bible figures and certain quantity counts I had currently collected were being now pretty much completely…in sync!

I say “nearly” flawlessly simply because what confirmed up was a sample of hits…that is, actual reversal times occurring on the chart that would are likely to “strike” (1) on the working day just just before, (2) proper on or (3) the day just right after the personal counting number becoming projected.

This was heady things. Plainly, by using the 40 distinct and demonstrated counting numbers so painstakingly recognized by way of study and verified in most circumstances by biblical references, I could now accurately pinpoint and undertaking into the long term flawlessly outlined and extremely highly effective 3 working day “reversal zones” or “timing windows”…on any chart for any sector…at any time!

It can be critical to note that the strongest reversal electrical power generally exhibited by itself in the center working day of the 3 working day zone or window. I you should not know why, but the impression of Christ crucified in between 2 malefactors arrived to mind as I labored with this materials. And, as it turns out, the thought of a 3 unit zone or window with the most effective strength centered in the centre unit became in excess of time an even extra potent study principle…as we shall shortly see.

And here is a different curiosity. Seemingly, there’s no way to decide or foretell whether or not predicted reversals will be up or down reversals…till you get there. As the market starts off to basically trade up or down into the zone or window, then and only then does the market place idea it truly is hand to us.

And, this is the truly excellent aspect…It is really exactly at the essential moment to do a little something from a market timing standpoint. That is, just prior to the market place reverses…and when concurrently pointing us in the way the marketplace has just unveiled it is really heading to go! And, only those people that know the language of the marketplaces comprehend what the markets are stating when they communicate.

Astonishingly, the markets virtually hand us top rated magic formula timing info at the important minute for us to use it for positioning trades in the right path…and precisely at the ideal time to be entirely in sync with marketplace movement…confirmed!

Now, here is how it will work. If a industry is at first buying and selling down into a 3 day reversal zone, then we must be expecting a reversal of some consequence to arise to the upside for the duration of the period of time of that reversal zone. The expected reversal up is then verified on any subsequent working day that sees a rally earlier mentioned a previous day’s significant. It could not be far more basic!

And, conversely, if a sector at first trades up into a 3 day reversal zone, we ought to be expecting to see a reversal motion to the downside manifest. The reversal is then confirmed by any subsequent fall below a previous day’s very low.

Another significant moreover is that this tactic quickly generates a shut-in halt or stop/reverse place just on the other aspect of the not too long ago predicted and confirmed reversal. This minimizes trade danger tremendously.

It was at this issue that it abruptly happened to me that what was seriously taking place here…in the march of black bars across price tag charts…was the ongoing document in time of an unbelievable projection process…a process whereby the ahead counting of times was monitoring some sort of electrical power ripples radiating ahead in time from higher and small reversal points in the past.

My investigate proved this “system” is ongoing. It really is continually radiating electrical power off reversal details in the past which projects three working day “timing windows” or “reversal zones” into the long term…exactly where this reversal “strength” tends to produce new reversal points in interval designs slipping specifically on selected particular quantity counts…which I now had recognized!

But, how could this be? All I could imagine was that some type of formerly unfamiliar wave electricity ought to be radiating off top rated or base reversal details in the earlier…constantly shifting out into the future in different degrees of depth, established in irregular nevertheless frequent intervals…and with plenty of structured strength to substantially have an effect on directional turns…in any market…in precisely the exact manner and timing rely sequence. And all this, at exactly and objectively projected factors in time in the upcoming…whew!

Sit again for a instant and imagine about it. The magnitude of this discovery…let us say revelation actually, is intellect boggling in it is really implication and absolutely astounding in great importance! It’s nearly as if the curtain has been ripped back again and we’re now privileged to look lingeringly at the fabric of place and time…virtually, the framework God employs to organize time and celebration progressions! Shockingly, it would appear that practically nothing transpires by opportunity!

I realized instinctively that this technique of current market timing could not be named fundamental or technological investigation…but is relatively an solely new system of market place timing evaluation which I dubbed temporal investigation since it is based on time as a substitute of value. In truth, at this level I realized that one of the finest hallmarks of the recently named Kenison Counting Quantities is the whole lack of subjectivity in developing this sort of important timing projections.

No guesswork is at any time associated. The quantity counting sequence is straightforward and straightforward to fully grasp. You you should not at any time want a calculator or computer or any specialised foreknowledge. And, the indicators projected are extremely precise and fully goal. It is really all ideal there on the chart…just where by the future reversal power in the current market will be exposed…and correspondingly, just in which the up coming projected reversal must be anticipated!

And get this. Kenison Counting Amount projections will hardly ever turn into out of date. They will keep on with absolute objectivity…for all the years of you or your grandson’s investing professions…to pinpoint at or in one particular day of a certain long run quantity rely, precisely in which a industry reversal of varying degree of magnitude ought to appear.

How do we know this? Merely since a long time of exhaustive historical research has verified that whether you might be wanting at built charts from the very last two generations, the 1970’s or final week, the technique would have labored specifically the identical in every single era…with particularly the identical phenomenal results!

And keep in mind, these are the really same timing rely numbers confirmed historically and via research of the scriptures to have tested and really definite reversal electricity involved with them. Believe me…right after learning the Kenison Counting Figures industry timing technique, you will in no way seem at a price tag chart the exact same all over again.

I was also exceptionally gratified to learn by way of many years of ongoing research that Kenison Counting Figures get the job done similarly nicely in projecting foreseeable future reversal details in every market, irregardless of irrespective of whether it really is a futures, choices, stock, currency trading or cash sector…any where in the world!

How Kenison Counting Numbers Operate…

This fully exceptional and incredibly effective method’s means to project critical marketplace highs and lows…in the long term is uncanny. How does it do it? After decades of own exploration, I have identified the correct irregular variety sequence the marketplace alone observes. Just rely the bars on a rate chart ahead from any current market high or low level in the previous and the Kenison Counting Numbers will notify you particularly on which numbers in the sequence you ought to anticipate effective reversal electricity to be exposed…in the long term…and with a very significant degree of reliability! This enables traders to foresee, verify and then act on most likely worthwhile investing turns that other folks will not even see coming…or have the slightest concept even exist!

There is nothing at all subjective about this analysis…it can be fully aim. It offers you no nonsense actual entry and exit details with shut-in and automatic prevent decline points. And for the charts you want? They are free on the net!

A person other point really should be pressured. This is strictly eyeball to chart assessment. No challenging application method or mathematical calculation is ever required. With this new daily life lengthy awareness, you can spend just times with a rate chart and know with full assurance what your class of action really should be…and know with absolute clarity what the risks are…all in advance!

You will find no require to look at with any one very first…you might be the professional! Why? Mainly because when you realize this sector timing technique you can know with quiet confidence what the marketplace alone is telling you about latest tendencies and perhaps explosive turning details…and particularly when to hope them!

When you see how by basically counting ahead and backward in time from vital substantial or very low factors in the previous, you can project critical reversal points in the long run…believe that me, you will be hooked! I’ve been hooked now for around 30 yrs and I’m nevertheless fascinated on a each day foundation as I check out these turns occur like clockwork in timing windows projected months and even months prior to!

Traders can grow to be expert in employing all 40 of the unbelievably effective Kenison Counting Quantities to undertaking forward in time to specifically where reversal electricity will be uncovered…in the long term!

One of the most amazing Kenison Counting Quantities is represented by Zone 14…in particular, when utilizing our simple triangulation methods in mixture with other counting numbers to job powerful conjunction and convergence reversal zones…reversals which start out particularly dynamic high-velocity directional current market moves! Other traders marvel at windfall income that seem to appear out of nowhere. Kenison Counting Numbers is the resource that alerts you beforehand thus permitting you the chance to gain from these explosive market moves!

When buyers and traders investigate this precision market place timing method, they are amazed to find the pure and irregular rhythm determined in the marketplaces…a rhythm that is consistent and traces out precisely the exact same sample for all markets around the world! It is stunning to see how invariably reversals come about on the very same range counts in the Kenison Counting Quantities sequence…above and above all over again.

And now another incredible reality about the Kenison Counting Numbers technique…it holds accurate no issue what time body you are searching at! As we already know if you use the method to a every day chart, you will project daily reversals. But shockingly, If you also apply it to a weekly chart, you will undertaking weekly reversal points into the long run. In reality, the identical Kenison Counting Numbers sequence operates similarly perfectly when used to month-to-month, weekly, every day or intra-working day charts!

It was exactly at this point that an additional phenomenal discovery was made. I found that you could establish the most possible actual reversal day, 7 days or month inside of every reversal zone by working with the Kenison Counting Numbers to count backward in time from just about every of the three days, months or months inside of every single reversal zone. How does this function? Quite simply, when you depend backwards in the vogue described above, you will detect that important substantial and lower details…in the earlier…drop exactly on unique quantity counts in the Kenison Counting Range sequence…but only if you are counting backwards from the most very likely real long run day, week or month in which the industry will reverse! As I witnessed this mirror graphic or echo effect in motion, I recognized this is certainly a miracle!

This is definitely astounding when you recognize that by counting ahead or backwards in time reversal power is uncovered on the very same number counts in the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence irregardless of whether you might be counting months, weeks, days or 15 moment intervals on an intra-day value chart! Witness this program in action in serious markets in serious time and you can expect to be thoroughly astonished at the magnitude of this discovery…I assure it!

Copyright (c) 2006 Bruce Kenison