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Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD 7-Inch In-Dash Double-DIN DVD AV Receiver

Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD 7-Inch In-Dash Double-DIN DVD AV Receiver

The Pioneer’s AVH-P4300DVD is an all-in-one replacement for a full-featured factory-installed seven-inch touchscreen display radio at a far more reasonable cost. Indeed, the AVH-P4300DVD offers the same, if not more functionality than many factory-installed systems that one can buy.

For example, the AVH-P4300DVD offers not only a sensitive radio receiver, but also a high-resolution WQVGA 480 by 240 display through which one can access all installed features of the AVH-P4300DVD. That resolution is exactly the same as one will find in Honda or Toyota in-dash display systems. The AVH-P4300DVD offers more. For example, there is an output in the rear that will let one interface rear-seat displays and headphones with the dash-mounted control head so that one can play DVDs or CDs on the rear screens, while, at the same time, one is listening to iPod or iPhone/Pandora content in the front seat. It is a true multitasking radio thanks to microprocessor circuitry that gives the AVH-P4300DVD some intelligence.

The iPod/iPhone interface is built into the radio’s USB interface software. When one inserts the Panasonic iPod adapter cable into the integrated USB port, the radio allows one complete access to one’s iPod on a multi-line display that allows one to scroll forward, backward or search through a playlist for the audio content one would like and one can then set it to run the selected content. Pandora-ready, the only item one must add to one’s iPhone is the Pandora app and the AVH-P4300DVD will access to popular Internet sound service. Interestingly, if one is using that feature on the main display, simply touching an icon on the built-in AVH-P4300DVD’s display will allow one to access such features as Bluetooth, hands-free dialing and phoning with the proper add-on installed. The same is true for GPS/Navigation and Satellite Radio. Once one have the proper add-ons, which are usually less expensive than dealer-offered systems.

For example, the AVH-P4300DVD brings one full iPod/iPhone control, but also, through the same port, allows one to download a customized list of MP3, WMA or AAC audio files to a thumb drive from a laptop or desktop PC and, once inserted, the circuitry of the AVH-P4300DVD reclaims the upper range frequencies that were stripped off to allow the files to be compressed. There is also some extra mid-range emphasis mapped to this so that the audio is richer.

Meantime, the AVH-P4300DVD also recognizes the following video standards, JPEG and DivX so that one can also download and display slideshows that play along with the music or, if one wants to, one can just capture one image and use it as the wallpaper for the seven-inch LCD touchscreen. Compatibility continues as the AVH-P4300DVD offers compatibility with DVDs, DVD-R/RW discs, DVD+R/RW Discs, as well as CDs, CD-R/RW discs and VCD. Combined with the three double-DIN outputs, one can not only interface other Pioneer options, but can also set up the AVH-P4300DVD to act as the control head for a rear entertainment center. It will drive rear screens and headphones so that rear passengers can watch DVDs while those in front use the NAV/GPS or Pandora sound service.

Audio output, at peak, is 50 by 4 channels for a total of 200 watts, which is more than enough for any audio one would care to listen to, however, if one want to install a separate high-powered amplifier, other filtering or a huge subwoofer in the rear one has three high-voltage pre-emphasized RCA outputs available. These are features that are seen only on very high-end units of the type one might find installed in a Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

Another truly phenomenal feature is the audio versatility of the intelligent equalization used by the AVH-P4300DVD. Vehicles are notoriously horrendous environments in which to listen to quality sound. There are multiple surfaces off of which sound can reflect or bounce out of phase, causing distortion. And, then the is the upholstery which can absorb sound, no matter what one does or where one places the speakers.

Indeed, unless one is seated in the direct center of the vehicle, one will find that sound delivery can easily be distorted. The AVH-P4300DVD offers up many different equalization schemes that one can use to custom-tailor the sound to one’s vehicle but perhaps its most important feature is its Auto Equalization which, using an optional microphone supplied as an add-on by Pioneer, monitors the return of the sound to the control head and then automatically adjusts equalization to optimize it from the source.

The AVH-P4300DVD is built to install directly into the in-dash area that most auto manufacturers leave behind the blank spot in the center or top of of the center dash-mounted center console.