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Land Rover Range Rover 2010’s Offering

Land Rover Range Rover 2010’s Offering

G-Class Escalade Navigation step aside; when it comes to an off-road vehicle fit for a prince, a Land Rover Range Rover is the only one that fits the bill. Be it the royalty of the Hollywood jungle or the English Royals themselves, when it comes to a high-end sport Ute swimming luxury, the Land Rover Range Rover is the sole off-roader with the title of having the Windsor’s approval.

On the outside the Rover has had only a light cosmetic upgrade to the bumpers, grill and headlamp shape; it doesn’t appear much different at first glance from its predecessor. Luckily for fans of the Land Rover Range Rover series there has been some considerable tweaking done to the power train this year, not to mention an interior upgrade including better materials over last year and gauges that have been updated to a more modern style 12-inch screen.

The 4.2-liter that powered last years Rover HSE has been tossed for a 5.0-liter V8 that has upped the previous models 305 hp to a healthy 375 hp. This has made a considerable difference in acceleration and passing ability by achieving 7.2 second 0-60 mph time, but for those of us who want to get home to our castles even quicker, one can choose the 510 horsepower super charger which will propel this full-sized sport utility to a 5.9 second 0-60 mph time, supercharged or not, with up to 7,716 pounds of towing capacity, either one should be able to handle most loads.

When it comes to handling the road, to help with body role on corners and improve overall ride quality, the Adaptive Dynamics System has been revised. Both models are quite agile, feeling solidly stable this SUV is a good everyday driver; the steering can be a little slow but it progresses nicely, everyday driving not overlooked. Really, this is a 4×4 that is very capable; but if you want something with more bang for your buck without losing your edge while driving a six thousand pound luxury SUV, you might want to go with the supercharged model. While the 5.0 liter has a 14.2-inch brake upgrade, the supercharged edition has 15-inch monsters.

When taking into consideration the size and weight of the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover which is good enough for a princes to take off-road, surely you can’t expect to find mind-blowing fuel efficiency, but looking at the available horsepower not to mention between 375 to 461 ft lbs of torque (depending on what model you choose) the 5.0-liter V8 or the supercharged Rover, you can expect to receive 12/18 mpg on average. When you compare this to the other full size SUV’s out there it is actually one of the better ones.