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JL Audio 8W7 Review

JL Audio 8W7 Review

The JL Audio 8W7 is the 8-inch model of its’s W7 line. The W7 series is JL Audio’s most recent auto subwoofer launch and is recognized as the most technologically sophisticated out of any of the JL Audio goods. The total line attributes six new, patented technologies never in advance of seen in the lineup, typically because none of the former products, remade in a second version or not, can even relate JL Audio developed the W7 series from scratch and not from a previous product. The W7 sequence focuses on seem high-quality and volume at the exact same time that is, JL Audio desires to see how loud they can flip the bash up devoid of possessing to sacrifice the sound.

The 8-inch version has drawn many favourable assessments from car audio authorities and leading corporations. Automobile Audio and General performance calls it the “finest damn 8-inch subwoofer ever designed”. It truly is smaller, nonetheless highly effective, and the 8-inch subwoofer has never ever been manufactured so properly in so lengthy. It really is genuinely no surprise that it truly is finding rave assessments. JL Audio has certainly taken edge of the predicament and introduced the small types to personal the larger types.

It is documented that this 8-inch edition pretty much didn’t make it to the final lineup. The 21st century is contemplating that bigger is certainly improved, but that’s not the situation below. The smallest version, a dimensions rarely observed in the lines of other corporations, has demonstrated to be just as strong as the other, extra common measurements. While the level of competition is racing to see how big it can make subwoofers with no dropping electric power and high quality, They quickly dropped a smaller sized measurement, which broke the stereotype that more compact subwoofers won’t do a lot fantastic at all.

A function that seems insignificant at to start with, the owner’s manual is essentially pretty critical when it arrives down to the genuine set up and optimization of the JL Audio 8W7. A lot of contemplate it can be owner’s handbook a person of the best, simply because it not only features the regular enclosure tips and requirements, but also consists of recommended amplifiers to pair up with the 8W7 and ideas to get the most effective out of the technique via tweaking devoid of busting it.

All round, if you want to downsize from a 10-inch or 12-inch subwoofer, or want to check out a thing different which is hard to locate on the current market, the JL Audio 8W7 is a good place to start. It normally takes everything men and women love about the 10 and 12 inch parts, updates it, and repackages it as an 8 inch. Critically, if you want one thing that is even more impressive than several other subwoofers on the current market, you may want to pick the W7 line. But if you want anything that’s compact and does the similar, you’ll want to pick the 8W7.