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Great Ideas for Your Audi Tuning Project

Great Ideas for Your Audi Tuning Project

Audi sells an exceptionally wide range of vehicles. There is something for everyone, from the small, entry-level A1 that is perfect for young urban commuters to the stunning R8 V10, which borders on supercar territory. An Audi car offers stylish looks, high-end engineering, and good build quality, so it’s not surprising that this is a popular car for tuning. Audi enthusiasts usually focus on certain types of modifications when tuning their vehicles. Here are some great ideas for your Audi tuning project.

Increase Engine Power

The first and possibly most important aspect of Audi tuning is to boost engine power. There are many ways to accomplish this.

Remapping the ECU (or installing a performance chip on older cars) is a sure-fire way to get more horsepower and torque from the Audi engine. This is one of the most cost-effective mods and should be near the top of your to-do list. A professional remap can deliver more horsepower and torque, better fuel economy, and superior throttle response. Turbo engines, especially diesels, achieve the biggest power gains from a remap.

Another high-reward project is tuning the intake and the exhaust system to ensure freer air flow through the engine. Improving the car’s breathing is an important part of boosting engine output. Popular upgrades in this area include a cold air intake, a sports exhaust with a high flow manifold, or a full induction kit.

Some Audi tuners like to install a fast road camshaft for more RPM at peak power. This vehicle modification involves a bit of a tradeoff. It usually causes some loss of low down power, which is, after all, where you do most of your driving. It can also result in uneven engine idling. If you choose to put in a fast road cam, a good gas flowed head and bigger valves to go with it are recommended.

Remember that an engine tuned for more power may require some fuel system modifications to cope with the extra demands. A new fuel pressure regulator and fuel injectors are suggested for sharper throttle response. While you’re at it, upgrade the fuel pump as well because the engine will need more fuel.

The standard clutch in an Audi has its limitations, so you should probably replace it with an upgraded or performance-oriented clutch if you expect a power gain of more than about 30% from other tuning activities.

Improve the Suspension

When it comes to Audi tuning, improving the way the car handles is often a priority. In fact, a common complaint about many stock Audi vehicles is the mushy handling. This is what happens when a relatively heavy car is equipped with an overly soft suspension. But steering and vehicle control can be enhanced by dropping the car slightly and fitting stiffer dampers and performance shocks. You may also want to replace the rubber bushings with aftermarket versions that don’t flex as much during cornering.

Change the Wheels

Installing alloy wheels is a nice vehicle modification that is both practical and visually appealing. Alloy wheels will help to cool down the brakes and they are usually lighter than the standard factory wheels.

Some tuners suggest installing wheels with a larger diameter and wider, lower profile tyres to enhance vehicle appearance and performance. Other enthusiasts urge a little caution in this area, saying that oversized wheels will compromise vehicle handling. If you want to be safe, keep the overall rolling diameter of the new wheels equal to the original factory specs.

Upgrade the Brakes

Don’t forget about the brakes, especially on larger vehicles. If you tune your Audi for more engine power and faster throttle response, you will also need quick, reliable deceleration. Upgrade the brakes with a performance-oriented brake kit that includes high friction pads plus larger calipers and rotors.

Beautify the Interior

Many tuners like to get rid of the Audi’s rather heavy stock seats and replace them with lighter, sportier bucket seats. This modification reduces vehicle weight and provides you with extra driving comfort and control. New alloy shift knobs and pedals are a good way to give the interior a more luxurious appearance. For the perfect finishing touch, you can put in a MOMO steering wheel.

Personalise with Exterior Mods

Most enthusiasts already like the look of Audi cars, so they don’t feel inclined to make a lot of exterior modifications. But if you want to do something, you might consider installing a more assertive front air dam, or aftermarket turn signals and tail lights with smoked lenses. These upgrades will personalise the car without spoiling the Audi’s distinctive aesthetics.

There is no question that Audi has a reputation for making reliable and stylish vehicles. But any car in the Audi line can benefit from a little tuning. With most models, you simply can’t go wrong by remapping the ECU, upgrading the intake and exhaust system, and fitting new suspension components. Audi cars tend to retain their value over time, which makes Audi tuning a great investment in driving enjoyment.