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Bogner Amps – The History of the World’s Finest Amplifiers

Bogner Amps – The History of the World’s Finest Amplifiers

In 1989, Reinhold Bogner revolutionized the guitar amplifier soon after transferring to the United States from Germany. It was for the duration of this time that the exterior multi channel pre-amp set up was being commonly used and Bogner appeared to be unhappy with its functionality, wanting to get back again to the seem of true, cranked up tube amps. It may well have been his conference with guitar legend Eddie Van Halen that was the catalyst for his explosion onto the new music scene, as Eddie employed him to overhaul his primary Marshall Plexi.

By the many years, Bogner amps have adjusted substantially. You will understand in this article how Bogner guitar amplifiers have progressed around time.

Bogner Ecstasy 100

In 1992, external multi channel pre amplifiers dominated the guitar amp industry. This kind of set up was commonly used simply because numerous sound effects could very easily be attained. And so Bogner produced the Ecstacy 100A and 100B. This is thought of to be the very initially manufacturing 100 watt Bogner amp. The “A” edition represented the American sounding edition, using 6L6 electricity tubes, the style of electricity tube historically applied in American-produced Fender amps with the “B” model symbolizing the British sounding model, working with EL34 tubes, the form of electricity tube typically identified in Marshall amps.

Ecstasy 101 (A.K.A the White Chassis)

3 several years later on, Bogner, still aiming for superior excellent seem coming from the amplifier, resolved to arrive up with a different model of the Ecstasy, the 101, also recognized as the White Chassis. This guitar amplifier is thought of by many to be unmatched, even when as opposed to guitar amplifiers manufactured currently. This amplifier was very related to the unique 100 model, but it had extra capabilities to accommodate the calls for of contemporary gamers. Around the several years, the Ecstasy 101 went by way of a selection of modifications, like a stripped down version pretty equivalent to the initial 100 design known as the Vintage. In 1997, the Bogner 101 had a complete overhaul. Rather of having just the typical white chassis (which the amp is known for), it was now included in an sophisticated black.

The Caveman

This was released in the market place in the mid-90’s but experienced constrained availability. The prototype was stated to bear the term Mojo on its again since this amp was initially a somewhat different referred to as the Mojo. This two channel amp experienced an appealing 6 posture Schizo knob which drastically improved its sound.

Tremendous Sonic

Also regarded as the German Uberschall, the Super Sonic is a significant gain monster with two channels. A six 12ax7 power tube section yielded to a EL34 electric power amp to crank out 120 watts, an tremendous amount of money of volume. Above time, the enterprise launched three versions of the amp: the primary, a initially revision and what was referred to as “revision blue.” The distinct variations associated to difficulties this kind of as normalizing the quantity concerning the channels.


The Shiva is a extra subtle, nicely-rounded amp. It is made to develop a shimmering, Fender-like cleanse tone, and a acquire tone comparable to a basic Marshall JCM800. This product perhaps represented an endeavor to extend industry share by creating an amp that could be used by a broader viewers and not just metal heads.

Bogner amps are performed and beloved by a who’s who of artists. Significant bands this kind of as Slipknot and Disturbed have utilised Bogner amps to develop amazingly significant appears. Nevertheless, planet class guitar players this sort of as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have also played Bogners to make some of the world’s most gorgeous and tonally advanced tunes. A Bogner amplifier is a genuine financial investment, so if you can get your arms on just one… do it!