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1967 Mustang For Sale

1967 Mustang For Sale

Since 1964, the Ford Motor Company has been manufacturing the Mustang. This is not simply a sports car. It’s an American icon, one that personifies muscle car, and it has its place alongside apple pie, baseball, and rock n’ roll. In continuous production for nearly 50 years, the Mustang is a diverse family of cars loved both by classics enthusiasts as well as by your average modern driver.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Ford was working on the Mustang while Chevy worked on the Camaro. They knew that there was a market here, but perhaps no automaker realized the phenomenon that Ford was about to create with the launch of that first 1965 Ford Mustang in 1964. Ford introduced the original ’64 Ford Mustang to the public on the heels of being featured in the James Bond film Goldfinger.

That first Mustang, which was essentially still the prototype, was an instant success. That same year, Ford released a revised version of the ’65 Mustang that would cause enthusiasts to refer to the first edition as the 1964 ½ Mustang. It wasn’t long before the other automakers caught up with Ford, and released their own muscle alternatives to the market. In the face of that additional competition, Ford introduced its first Mustang redesign when it launched the 67 Mustang for sale.

In just three years, the Ford Mustang was a household name, and it had come a long way in terms of design. The DC electrical generator was gone, and in its place was the all-new AC alternator. Collectors will often use the “GEN” or “ALT” on the dash to differentiate the ’65 and ’66 from the 1964 ½. However, enthusiasts don’t need that hint with the 67 Mustang due to its distinct design.

The basic motor that Ford included in the 67 Mustang for sale was the T-code, a 3.3-liter engine that provided 120 horsepower. The C-code, a two-barrel carbureted V8 that generated 200 horsepower was by far the most popular. The A-code is a four-barrel variation of the C-code that pumped out 225 horsepower. There is also the K-code, which is highly sought after today, which produces 271 horsepower.

The A-code engine was included in the GT (Gran Touring) equipment package, and because of the allure of the GT, this made A-code the prevalent big block. So, even though a 67 Mustang for sale with a K-code was far more powerful, Ford sold far less of them making them hard to come by today. Likewise, Ford sold far fewer units of the 1967 fastback, which is why they are far more expensive today.

A ’67 Mustang for sale is easy to spot thanks to a rectangular grille, larger than the one on the ’66, which Ford recessed into the body. In the rear, the ’67 is distinct due to the concave tail lamp deck. Despite being a highly coveted classic, it’s not difficult to find a ’67 Mustang for sale if you’re in the market for a coupe.

Many new enthusiasts are pleasantly surprised at just how cheap ’67 Mustang for sale can be if one is willing to buy a long-term project that requires a great deal of hard, but rewarding, work. While shopping, the focus should be on the known rust trouble spots. These include the doorsills, engine saddle, front frame rails, front torque boxes, gas tank, leaf spring perches, rear frame rails, and rocker panels.